Hot air generators for industrial use

Efficient and reliable hot air generators Compact represent the solution with the lowest cost of exercise, for the heating of industrial environments, small craft and commercial, medium and large sizes.

The hot air generators for the industry to combine exquisite aesthetic line the quality of materials and product safety.

With the two-stage burner of which are equipped you can use less power (night hours or less cold periods) further reducing the operating costs.

The air diffusion can be performed directly, using the orientable outlets in each room, or through a line of channels.

Designed as independent units without the aid of the thermal power plant, the hanging generators allow to realize industrial installations obtaining the heating zones in an autonomous way.

The high yield and the complete automatism allow a considerable saving of operating costs.

Completing the range of ducted models, fitted with centrifugal fans, which allow the diffusion of hot air is "free mouth" through the funnel.

Certificates in accordance with the Gas Directive 90/396 / EEC.

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