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R.C.T. have been working in the heating and air conditioning business with dedication, passion and professionalism since 1975. The aim of the Company is to construct high-performance, innovative, reliable cooling and heating products:
- Warm air heaters and hot air thermoelectric generators for the civil engineering and industrial sectors;
- Portable evaporative coolers and fan-operated thermoelectric units;
- Electric heating batteries;
- Cooling systems and evaporative coolers;
- Boxed-in ventilators.
The meticulous design and high quality of the materials used, together with an efficient after-sales service, form the basis of the success of R.C.T.'s cooling and heating products. Quality controls and compliance with international safety standards constitute a guarantee for our customers, who appreciate the particular attention paid to them over the thirty years we have been in business.
Our Company offers "custom-designed" solutions using all the latest technological innovations.
Generatori aria calda Raffrescatori B.E.V. MB 90-135 Gruppi elettrici ventilati Aerotermi elettrici Aerotermi
RCT snc - Via Giulio Pastore, 10 - 31038 Postioma di Paese (TV)
Tel. 0422 484 212 - Fax 0422 484 229